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We all know our days are numbered. Simply put, we don’t know what day that will be.

For those who serve as First Responders or in our military, that day has a higher risk of being sooner than later. It is a reality of the job.

In this edition of The Military Wire, Sandy Wheeler, US Navy Veteran, Vietnam Veteran, and the mastermind behind the successful company Bowflex and Nautilus, is joining me to discuss how you can preserve your legacy with a new state of the art technology that captures your thoughts that you want to share after you are gone.

The Military Wire, hosted by Mike Schindler, interviews some of America’s most elite men and women who have served this country in hopes that you the listener will gain an “ah-ha” moment that will help you move your life forward. Mike is a US Navy Veteran, an award-winning author, and has been featured on Yahoo Finance, the Boston Globe, NY Post, USA Today, Q13 Fox, and numerous other media outlets discussing why today’s Veterans are truly one of America’s Greatest Assets. Mike is the author of two highly endorsed books, “Operation Military Family: How Military Couples are Fighting to Preserve their Marriages,” and “U.S. Veterans in the Workforce: Why the 7% are America’s Greatest Asset.”

Operation Military Family: https://operationmilitaryfamily.com/

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An archival video technology app that allows each and every service member to create multiple short video messages for their loved ones and family members as part of their pre-deployment preparation.